Planning and Public Consultation

Q What is the status of the application?


A proposal has been submitted for the construction and operation of a Renewable Energy Centre (REC) at Keypoint Swindon. The application can be found below, click on the link to download the PDFs.

  1. Planning Application
  2. Drawings
  3. Design and Access Statement
  4. Environmental Statement
  5. Statement of Community Consultation
  6. Miscellaneous

Note: All files can be downloaded by clicking here

Q How long will the planning process take?



The statutory consultation period is for a minimum of 16 weeks, which started when the application was submitted to Swindon Borough Council. The application has been put out for comment to a list of statutory consultees (such as the Environment Agency), as well as being made available for comment by other consultees and members of the public.

Q Where can I go for more information?


Comments can be sent directly to Swindon Borough Council’s Planning Department or contact us directly on 01869 715090 or email

Q What if I disagree with the proposals?


Once the application has been submitted you can contact will have the opportunity to make representation to Swindon Borough Council’s Planning Department, or contact the applicant directly – our details are above.